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Social Rants By Billy Delmar

Facebook and Twitter are highly sociable websites. Everyone on these two social sites is there to have light moments and small talk with friends. You cannot shove your way thereto get noticed. As such you need to have strategic ways to attract people to your timeline.

A while ago Facebook and twitter were left for the 16-year-old kids. However, lately the social media have become the source of insurmountable business contacts, networking, increased sales and most importantly varied kinds of information. This is clear by the number of unlimited multinational companies and business presence on the social sites. This calls for creative ways to attract and keep the community on your timeline. There are 3 ways which you can use to generate leads on these social sites.

Always Post Creative, Informative and Educative Content

The best way to get attention of your targeted group of people on social site is through content which stand out. As much as people go to the social sites for fun, Information attracts them as well. Your wall posts and tweets should be carefully crafted. The aim is to create a subject which will call for attention as well as generate conversation.

Social Media Marketing: Generating Business Leads

Social Media Marketing: Generating Business Leads

This can be difficult in twitter since your must convey your message in 140 characters only. The way out here is to create conversation with the intended community. Build your message gradually as the conversation moves on. Introduce the content while at the same time maintaining the conversation that you began. This way you will send the message across and attract new followers and friends to your timeline.

Maintain a Vibrant, Contemporary Timeline Outlook

Social sites users are attracted by what they see than what they read. Someone will click on your Facebook page or Twitter simply to check out your profile and background pictures. Therefore, you should choose carefully the kind of photos that you upload on the timeline. The best way to catch new friends attention and is through uploading photos which describe current events.

10 Ways of Generating Leads Part 1

10 Ways of Generating Leads Part 1

For instance during the public days such as the mother’s day, go out of your way and change your profile or photo cover into something which celebrate the mothers. This can take the form of words or just a descriptive picture. This not only appeals to your current friends and followers but also attract new ones.

Create a Stampede Often To Remain Relevant

Attracting new friends in social site is the easiest part. However, maintaining these new members is the challenging task. It is important for you to create a content that will attract attention of users. Be ready to receive positive as well as negative comments Proceed to respond to the positive comments and keep the negative ones in the conversation.

The stampede can be created through issuing a personal and subjective view on an ongoing issue in town. This can focus on politics, new music videos and religion and other aspects. This not only generates leads to your social account but you will be able to redirect the energy of users to intend business or personal websites.

These creative methods are a sure way to catch a big chuck of the over 1 billion Facebook users and a million Twitter users. This large number of followers translates to invaluable benefits.