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Social Rants By Billy Delmar

“You are with the right person – Marry her!”

Considering marriage is a scary thing, even if your 100% sure you are in love. There is so much that could go wrong. Every marriage horror story you have heard sneaks its way into your conscious to replay over and over like a bad movie. It’s quite normal to be worried, no matter how in love you are. There is always the possibility that the person you love isn’t who they purport themselves to be. There are even national television shows like, Who the %#@! Did I marry, that showcases true stories of marriages that have gone surprisingly wrong. Fortunately, there are five surefire signs that you are with the person you should marry.

Kindness and Respect are the Biggies

If she treats you with kindness and respect, you’re on the right track. Keep in mind, if you treat her in the same manner she will reciprocate. If not, she is the wrong girl. Treating a woman like a party girl initiates the game. She will assume you are after casual sex and treat you in that manner. However, if you show a serious interest and treat her as a gentleman would and she returns the interest by communicating with you as a kind and caring woman, she may be the right one. You will be able to tell if she is sincere in her actions or a femme fatale in disguise by the strength of her reserve. If she still treats you like the love of her life when her girlfriends come calling, you may have the right one.

Look No Farther Than Social sex

“Is she comfortable to get close to you in Public?”

This sign may come as a big surprise to many people, and they would not think a casual dating relationship could be a key sign but it’s true. Social sex is a tricky situation. It holds a lot of different connotations for different people. It’s a turn on for some women and for others it may be scary or embarrassing. (visit this link to learn more: Finding out exactly what it means to your significant other can be useful. It can be a touchy subject so tread carefully. The idea and act of social sex can be used to determine if you are with the woman you should marry. If she has engaged in this type of activity before but refuses to consider it with you, find out why. Social sex can be fun and exciting, but if she has had a bad previous experience she could have a fear of repeating it that has nothing to do with you.

Trust and Loyalty

“Consider the things that really matter”

Trust and loyalty are important to anyone who is considering marriage. There should be no doubt in your mind that you can trust her. Her loyalty should be obvious and unquestionable. You should be completely at ease when not in her presence. There should be no troubled feeling that she may be doing something she isn’t supposed to when you aren’t near her. If you don’t feel that total comfort, she may not be the one for you. At east she may not be the one for you right now. If these issues are not set in stone before you pop the big question, it can cause big problems later.

Girls who are Married but Looking are Not What You’re Looking For

If you find a girl who is married but looking to get out, you’re barking up the wrong tree. If she is cheating on her husband, she will cheat on you, no matter how awesome you are. Read The Facts about this. She may tell you that you are the one and you might feel a deep connection with her but cheating is never a good sign. If you are married but looking as well, that’s another story. You may both be in abusive relationships or perhaps just bad marriage and be perfect for each other. Make sure to discuss this topic fully before making any decisions. If either of you are married but looking, it’s time to reevaluate the relationship. This of this sign as your red flag. If the red flag goes up, this is clearly not the person you should marry.

There is no doubt about it, when marriage comes into play in a relationship, things get complicated. If your significant other has most of these qualities (or in once case lack thereof), you have a good chance at a successful relationship. Relationships take work, however, and that goes for even the most romantic of couples. Successful couples are successful because they work hard to be! If the signs are there, and this is the person you should marry, the relationship is well worth the effort.

Eating disorders are very popular among teenage girls and women in their college years. It’s also become more popular among boys. These disorders should never be taken lightly. It can lead to severe healthy conditions and even reach the point of threatening one’s life. How do you know what you or someone that you know may have an eating disorder? Here are 5 signs to tell:

  1. From fit to baggy clothes

You’ll see your fashion style change from wearing fit to baggy clothes. When you get too skinny, your clothes will be too big for your body. Also, because you’re already too conscious with the changes in your body, you’ll prefer to wear baggy than tight clothes. You may even start borrowing clothes from other family members.

  1. Eating secretly

A person who has an eating disorder doesn’t eat the entire day. He or she prefers to eat late at night when no one else is watching. If you’ve been doing this, then you should be alarmed. Also, if you suspect that someone you know is bulimic, check the fridge before you sleep and re-check it in the morning to see if lots of foods are already missing.

You may have an eating disorder if you think of a hotdog as an appetizer.

You may have an eating disorder if you think of a hotdog as an appetizer.

  1. Irregular eating schedule

Someone who has an eating disorder has an irregular eating schedule. It’s so different from everyone else’s schedule. If you find yourself not eating at the usual times, you may have an eating disorder. If someone you know eats ahead of everyone or prefers to eat an hour after everybody finishes their meal, you have to know why.

  1. Lack of energy

People with eating disorders are too tired to do pretty much everything. They only become energetic when it’s time to hit the gym. It seems that the gym is the only thing that can energize them. Again, it’s because of their desire to lose more weight. Feel the same way? You may have an eating disorder too.

About Eating Disorders

About Eating Disorders

  1. Love to criticize others

Do you love to criticize others for the food they’re eating? It’s a sign that you have an eating disorder. Someone with an eating disorder is too conscious with the food they eat, and they can’t help but criticize others who eat too much and those who eat unhealthy food.

These 5 signs don’t necessarily point out that you or someone you know has an eating disorder. Then again, you should never ignore these signs. They may mean that you or someone else has an eating disorder. It’s important to seek help right away. You just can’t ignore the condition. Remember that you can always lose weight and have a great figure without starving yourself, binging and throwing up, or taking laxatives. These disorders can be dangerous. Instead of having a healthy body, you might just put your life into jeopardy.

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