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Social Rants By Billy Delmar

“Only if you feel that she can understand your perspective”

Everyone has his or her secrets, and if you have a colorful past, you may be wondering if you should share some of yours with whatever woman you may be dating. Many times we like to think that it is always best to be honest, especially when it involves something that could potentially appear and shock her.

However, other times you may find yourself wondering if it is even worth telling her, especially if you do not know for sure if the two of you will become serious or not. What you decide to do depends on you, but we wanted to list some options that you may have when deciding whether or not you should tell her about your past.

Consider How You Met Her

“Did you meet online?”

If you met her on one of those dating site scams, you do not have to worry about telling her about your past. Chances are, she may not even be real. For all you know, you could be talking to a robot. When you are using sites like, you need to be careful of whom you are talking to and what you tell them. If they are real, they could use the information you gave them to do something illegal such as blackmailing you.

If you met her on a site that you think is legit, you may still want to take your time before you reveal too much of yourself about her. You definitely do not want to send her a message telling her that you spent time in jail right after you have just started chatting with her. That is one surefire way to send her running and never coming back. Instead, see how far the chatting goes before deciding whether or not she is the type of person that you want to admit your peppered past to.

When the Time Is Right

“Make sure to talk somewhere with people around”

If you have decided that you are ready to divulge in some of your back-story, make sure you do it in a public place. It would be even better if you decided to meet up at the place rather than one of you driving the both of you there. There are no dating site scams that will tell you this, but you want her to be able to make an easy escape if she feels uncomfortable with the information you have revealed to her.

If she does decide to leave after you have told her about your past, you should try your best not to take it personally. Your past is your past and there is nothing you can do about it. If she runs away, chances are she would not have been right for you in the first place. Try to take it all in stride and do not regret your decision to tell her if you felt it was the right thing to do. Women found on websites like are a dime a dozen, and you can definitely find more where she came from. Do not dwell or it will make dating more difficult for you, which is something that you definitely do not want.

How Much Should You Tell Her?

“Don’t reveal too much”

If you do decide to tell her about your past, you have the option of limiting how much you reveal to her. For example, if you were in jail for three years for robbery, you can tell her that you were send to jail for stealing something. You do not have to tell her that you robbed something or someone. Even if you do, you do not have to tell her the whole story in great detail.

If she asks you a bunch of question, you can come up with ways to answer her without telling her everything that you do not want her to know. You want to make sure that your answers are sincere. While you are not required to tell her anything, she is also not required to date you. Remember, that it is a two way street. She may want to get off if you are hogging the road.

You may even consider lying about your past. We do not fault you if you want to go that route, especially if you are not very serious about dating her. If you are going to lie, make sure you have your lie planned out thoroughly. Women love to catch men lying, so make it solid. Do not leave room for questioning. When you come up with your lie, make it concise and to the point so that she isn’t asking you a million questions afterward.

You can also try taking a page from one of those dating site scams and convince her that something happened that really didn’t. You can make up a reason for why you committed the crime and pretend like you were the one in the right and everyone else was in the wrong. Tug at her heartstrings with a sob story. If you are going to go in this direction, you have to seem sincere. Do not just make things up as you go; she will be able to spot your lie in a second. Commit to the act or do not bother doing it at all.

In other words, lie as much as you need to if you think it is going to give you the results you want. But remember that if you lie, you are going to have to keep up with it. When you get sloppy with your lies, she will be able to spot it and it will backfire on you.

Don’t Tell Her

Your final option is not to tell her at all. This is the option that a lot of guys use. If you are just meeting to have sex, there is no point in bothering to tell her about your past. If you plan to date her or start up a friends with benefits type of friendship up with her, you may have to be careful. Finding a woman interested in this kind of relationship could become a challenge. If you are looking for someone with a similar mindset then you may have to make some comparison between the sites. Read JustHookup Review: What’s the Verdict? Scam or No? Find Out! and find a result to your comparison. Whatever you choose, just make sure that you come clean with the woman about your wishes.

If you decide not to tell her and come closer to her, you are going to have to make sure that she is never able to find out any information about your past. This may be almost impossible with the powerful search engines that the Internet has to offer. Do not be surprised if she finds this information on your own, and if she does, you should already have a reason for why you never brought it up. Make sure that your reasoning is legit. If possible, you want to make sure that you can still keep whatever type of relationship you have going with her. If not, simply count your losses and move on. There are other women out there who will not give a damn about your colorful past.

Whatever you decide to do is up to you. You can do one of these things, or you can try to work it out where you do a combination of these things. No matter what you do, your main goal finding the willpower to commit to it, which can be a lot more difficult than it seems. Choose the best option that works for you and stick to it.

Currently, a number of people are disturbed by the confusion that is caused by the performance of their credit scores. A a substantial number of people worldwide have been blacklisted as the guys with bad credit record than any other time before. However, research has shown that failure to repay a credit may be as result of circumstances beyond human control rather than mismanagement of money. In some instances, the victims either underwent events of sudden loss of employment or drastic reduction of income. Definitely that will affect their credit score but does that really mean a lot? Let’s find out and see why the credit score may not matter.

Quick loss of relevancy

The fact that primary data which is subject to change any time is the main parameter used to determine credit score for an individual is an indication that the score may not remain constant for a given period of time. These data keep on changing on a daily basis therefore even if the lender is using the same method to determine credit score as the one that is used to derive the consumer’s credit score it will not have a significant effect.

What's the Minimum Score for a Home Loan?

What’s the Minimum Score for a Home Loan?

Existence of Fundamental Guidelines

There are some conventional guidelines that have been drafted to propel credit facility. It is a requirement that you avoiding opening new bank accounts while still in debt and settle payments in time as well as maintaining reasonably low debt. These guidelines will help you to be financially disciplined whether or not you have a better credit score. In addition, you will also be able to improve your credit score if you follow these guidelines as they are.

Accurate credit bureau information

Your credit worthiness can be easily determined by your lender if the information provided about your credit score is accurate and reliable. It may not matter the level of your credit score, instead, your lender can just determine whether you are trustworthy from the information they see about you.

How to Improve Your Credit Score in 5 Simple Steps

How to Improve Your Credit Score in 5 Simple Steps

Difference in requirements and criteria by lenders

Most probably, each lender may have a different lending requirement and criteria from the rest. In addition these requirements keep on changing from time to time. Therefore you can find a lender with guidelines that can accommodate you with your credit score while others may not. Furthermore, there is nowhere that consumers will always have a credit cutoff that is constant.

Custom and behavioral scores

During the determination of customer credit worthiness, lenders not only use credit score but also custom and behavioral scores in respect to the customer in question. These scores are completely independent from your credit score and the performance of your credit score does not matter in any way.

In conclusion, it is worth noting that the existence of credit scores in the management of credit facilities has greatly contributed towards making consumers financially empowered and discipline. It makes consumers more responsible and financially conscious at all times. One cannot just go around misusing credit meant for escalating the scope and operation of a business because a loan needs to be paid in time.

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